I forgot my UNILAB Careers password. What can I do to recover my password?

If you have previously submitted an application in UNILAB Careers, simply click “Forgot your password?” on the candidate login screen, or click here. We will then send you your password via the email you indicated in your UNILAB Careers profile.

How can I send my application to Unilab?

Our online application process allows you to conveniently upload your resume or even proceed with sending an application without a ready copy of your resume file. Please take note that UNILAB Careers is the single point of entry for all interested applicants. We highly discourage paper or email applications.

I do not have an available resume right now. Can I still apply online?

Yes, you can still apply even without an available resume. Simply click “proceed without resume/cv”. Prepare to answer some online questions to give us a better idea of how your qualifications match our requirements.

How can I submit an application when I can’t find my job preference among the list of vacancies?

Submit your application here, so that your profile can be a part of our Talent Community, where we also source potential candidates for current and future requirements. We shall determine whether your qualifications match any of our requirements.

How do I update my information in my application?

You can simply access your profile and indicate the changes as needed. Your application information will then be immediately updated.

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